India offers a robust policy environment and strong institutional framework to promote investments.

Why Invest in India

India has emerged as the most preferred investment destination thanks to innumerable opportunities offered by the country. What makes India the ideal investment destination? Perhaps a lot!!

  • World’s largest democracy with stable political environment
  • Independent judiciary and robust regulatory structure
  • Abundant natural resources
  • Pro-active policy environment to promote economic activity
  • Focused initiative-Make in India, Digital India and Skill India to improve productivity and quality of life
  • Strategic location having seamless connectivity with Gulf, Europe and far eastern economies. China, the other major emerging economy is a close neighbor
  • Among fastest growing economies with GDP expected to grow at 7.5% during 2017-18
  • Poised to be the world’s fifth largest consumer economy by the year 2025
  • Most attractive FDI destination in 2015
  • Full member of WTO
  • Large and growing middle class population with sufficient and increasing purchasing power
  • 25 years of continuous economic reforms ushering in ideal conditions for economic growth
  • Huge pool of technically trained manpower
  • Wide network of banks and financial institutions geared to meet differing needs of different investors
  • Sound infrastructural base including 4.7 million km of roads, 64,600 km of rail network, 125 airports including over 20 international airports, 12 major and 200 non-major ports
  • Wide network of industrial areas, estates and notified Special Economic Zones
  • Investor friendly policies including liberal FDI Policy.
  • Progressive taxation structure
  • Southern Peninsula surrounded by Arabian Sea, Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal enabling easy access to global destinations.
  • Potential transshipment hub